Farmers at the heart of CAREPHYT innovations

Close to you, farmers, we know your needs in critical periods for your animals: farrowing sows, weaning piglets, starting chicks, etc. As the best solution in the long term is always prevention, the solutions must be effective. 


If you wish to improve your breeding, your animals’ behaviour, if you are looking for advice suitable for your situation, we can give you the benefit of our experience in breeding, in different conditions, countries, climates,… 

If ameliorated rearing practices always improve the behaviour of the animals and reduce the problems, most of the time it is not enough. A specific feed supplement will help them produce better and overcome difficulties. 

In order to go further in your breeding control, CAREPHYT offers you natural solutions based on plant extracts. Our complementary feeds, rigorously controlled, have proven their efficiency. They will help you produce quality animals, according to your breeding objectives, without antibiotics, organic farming, … but above all for the satisfaction of producing more naturally. 

Depending on your production, your organisation and your location, we will study the best solution for you to benefit from.