Prevent problems for sows and piglets at farrowing

Prevention at farrowing

 In the farrowing house, the sows give birth to their piglets. This is the beginning of their lives for the piglets, but also for the sows, who immediately afterwards prepare the eggs for the next cycle. When everything goes well, it’s a pleasure! 

When things go wrong, it can be a source of great stress. For the sow, mammary congestion, the start of lactation, the return of appetite, are points of vigilance. For the piglets, we want sufficient milk on all teats for a homogeneous litter and above all no neonatal diarrhoea. A good start for the piglets bodes well for the future.  

All these potential concerns are related to the sows’ digestive flora. 

At farrowing, the digestive flora of the sow has a real impact on the start of lactation and the recovery of the sow’s appetite. The microbiota of the mother also has an impact on the new-born piglet as it seeds the digestive tract of the piglet from the first minutes of its life. 



The success of farrowing is above all to bring healthy sows, in good condition, to a clean and comfortable maternity. Let’s not forget the importance of good watering: no milk production without sufficient water intake! 

Next, let’s look at this digestive flora. During farrowing, the expulsion of piglets, appendages and liquids, brutally creates a space for the intestinal mass that finds its ease and unfolds there. The contents of the large intestine increase with its bacterial mass. It’s better here to have a well-balanced digestive flora. 

This digestive flora will thus influence the behaviour of the sow at farrowing and its subsequent start. This flora will also sow its new-born piglets, from birth, and with effects on their future lives. 

Specific natural plant extracts well selected according to the needs of this period will allow a favourable orientation of the sows’ digestive flora for their wellbeing and that of their piglets to be born. 

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