Care MIFUGE is a supplementary feed based on natural plant extracts to maintain the performance of animals in adverse conditions. 

Why use Care MIFUGE ?

Care MIFUGE will support laying hens, broiler chickens, pigs and young ruminants in organic farming. 

The natural plant extracts in Care MIFUGE promote the development of beneficial flora. This beneficial flora limits the development of pathogenic flora, which can be responsible for digestive problems in animals. 

The aim of Care MIFUGE is to support growing animals during the sensitive phases of their development, particularly digestive. 

The formula of Care MIFUGE has been specially designed to comply with the regulations in force for organic livestock. (Pigs, poultry, laying hens, young cattles). 

Care MIFUGE benefits:

Consistent with the organic specifications

Natural and effective solution

Practical 5L canister

Palatable formula

How to use Care MIFUGE ?

Poultry farming: 1.5L of Care MIFUGE per 1000L of drinking water for 5 days, to be repeated 3 weeks later if necessary. 

Pig farming: 1ml of Care MIFUGE per 10kg of pigs’ body weight, for 4 days, to be repeated every 6 weeks from the time they enter post-weaning. 

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