Natural prevention through feeding in poultry farming

The rearing of broilers, chickens, turkeys, etc. is sometimes very delicate. A slip-up can happen quickly and treatment is sometimes necessary. Good control of the building environment, rigorous hygiene and controlled water quality are of course essential but, unfortunately, not always sufficient. Our CAREPHYT natural solutions, based on natural plant extracts, have been tested and validated on farms and will provide you with the additional prevention you need to ensure the success of your farm. 

Food programs and solutions adapted to your farms

Start-up Programme

The start-up of young chicks, poults, etc. is a delicate phase. However, the success of this phase determines the overall performance of the flock. However, the risks of slippage are frequent and treatments are sometimes necessary. Controlling digestive balance is a key element of success. Numerous feedbacks from breeders who have implemented the STARBOOST starter programme show a reduction in mortality and antibiotic use.

Stress Management

Avoiding stress in livestock farming is not easy, as there are many possible causes: vaccination sessions, transport, weather events, etc. However, the consequences can be very detrimental to the flock: reduced consumption, growth and even mortality. Rapid intervention is therefore essential to correct the causes detected as far as possible and to mitigate the effects on the animals.

Respiratory Comfort

Whether they are of infectious or environmental origin, respiratory disorders penalise the growth and performance of animals. Rigorous hygiene, environmental control and vaccination protection are essential for effective prevention. However, this is not always enough and disorders can occur. Beyond the treatment that is sometimes necessary, it is always useful to help the animals to get through this difficult time, to reduce the stress and its consequences.

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