Care DIG

Farrowing is a key phase in the success of a pig farm, both for the sow and its newborn piglets. Care DIG is positioned at this critical time. Due to its broad action, Care DIG favourably influences the microbiota of the sow and thus that of its piglets. 

Why use Care DIG?

Why use Care DIG? 

Care DIG provides the sow with the necessary comfort during farrowing, promotes a better start in lactation and stabilises the digestion of the piglets. The natural plant extracts selected for Care DIG naturally stimulate the growth of lactobacilli with beneficial properties in the digestive flora. This is the prebiotic effect. In addition, this natural enrichment of lactic flora will indirectly benefit the new-born piglets. Their digestive tract, sterile at birth, will be favourably seeded with the environment of the maternity hut, i.e. with the microbiota of its mother.   

The Care DIG formula is very complete for a broad action: 

– rigorously selected plants with a prebiotic effect 

– plants with saponins to limit sensitivity to coccidia 

– natural plant extracts to stimulate the sow’s appetite. 

Care DIG benefits :

Provides comfort during farrowing

Promotes a good start to lactation

Secures the digestive flora of the piglet

Can be used in organic farming

How to use Care DIG?

Care DIG is given at a rate of 30 g per sow per day, 10 days before farrowing until 3 days after farrowing. Numerous test results are available and guarantee the effectiveness of Care DIG in breeding. Care DIG is packaged in 25 kg bags. 

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Our product Care DIG has a claim!

Following numerous results of trials in breeding, Care DIG now has its claim: “The distribution of Care DIG to sows for 10 days before farrowing contributes to the reduction of neo-natal diarrhoea in their piglets”.  

The full publication will be available at PRD 2022! 

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