Natural prevention through pigs rearing feeding

During their life, sows and piglets go through delicate periods. Prevention is the key to controlling these critical phases, without having to resort to drug treatments. Prevention also means understanding situations and better anticipating the problems encountered on the farm. Tested and validated by breeders, our CAREPHYT solutions, based on natural plant extracts, will provide you with the additional prevention necessary for the success of the breeding. 

Nutritional programs and solutions suitable for your livestock

Maternity Sows

Providing comfort to the sow before and during farrowing is a major success factor for the start of lactation and the prevention of problems in the maternity ward (mammary congestion, hyperthermia, poor appetite recovery, etc.). These problems will have a direct impact on milk production and therefore on the start of new-born piglets. At this stage, working on the orientation of the sow's digestive flora is essential during farrowing time.

Piglets Digestion

Piglets are sensitive to digestive disorders and these problems can affect them from an early age. It is important to analyse the causes of these problems and to act preventively to limit the impact of digestive problems on the start-up and growth of piglets throughout their lives.


In order to secure the performance of the livestock, it is important to take care of the animals and to ensure that their metabolism functions correctly. Indeed, the liver and kidneys in particular play a vital role in digestion and the elimination of waste produced by the body. Natural solutions exist to act in prevention and avoid the dysfunction of these organs.

Stress Management

Avoiding stress in breeding is not simple, its possible causes are numerous: vaccination session, transport, weather event, ... Its consequences can however strongly penalize the lot: decrease in consumption, growth, or even mortality. Rapid intervention is then essential to correct as much as possible the causes detected and to mitigate their effects on animals.

Respiratory Comfort

Respiratory problems, whether infectious or environmental, affect the growth and performance of animals. Rigorous hygiene, control of the environment and vaccination protection are essential elements for their effective prevention. However, this is not always enough and disorders can occur. Beyond the treatment that is sometimes necessary, it is always useful to help the animals to get through this difficult time, to reduce the stress and its consequences.

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