The start-up of the young chick, turkey or weanling is a decisive stage for the performance of the animals. Indeed, the chick is discovering its diet, in a group, in an unknown environment. Still young, its digestive tract is immature and its enzyme production is low. It sometimes has difficulty digesting the feed and bacterial disorders are frequent. 

All these stress factors combined cause reactions that breeders can see: diarrhoea or liquid droppings, low feed consumption, etc., which can lead to mortality. To secure the digestive flora, Care BOOST is a real ally. 

Why use Care BOOST ?

Care BOOST is a combination of natural citrus extracts and selected organic acids. Their synergistic effects make Care BOOST a real response to the needs of young animals during this sensitive period. 

The short-chain pectins in citrus fruits naturally stimulate the growth of beneficial lactic flora. The contribution of specific organic acids will help the enzymatic activation in the stomach. This synergy of effects is favourable to the digestive bacterial flora and the good valorisation of food. Performance and digestive safety are guaranteed. 

Care BOOST benefits:

Digestive safety

Regulation of the digestive flora

Optimised performance in post-weaning

Prebiotic and organic acid effect

Can be used in organic farming

How to use Care BOOST ?

Care BOOST is used between 0.5 and 1.5L/1000L of drinking water in post-weaning, to be modulated according to the characteristics of the farm. Care BOOST is packaged in 24 kg cans. 

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