Controlling the balance of the digestive flora of livestock is a key element of digestive safety and ultimately of the stability of the farm. On a daily basis, animals undergo stress (movements, dietary transitions, changes in environment, changes in physiological stage, etc.) which can cause digestive dysbiosis or imbalances. These problems are expressed in the form of diarrhoea, growth retardation or sometimes mortality. It goes without saying that these imbalances must be reduced in order to provide digestive comfort to the animals, which will then be able to express their full growth and production potential. CAREPHYT has been working on the microbiota of pigs and poultry for several years and has developed Care PULSE, a cocktail of plants with a prebiotic effect to stimulate the animals’ favourable digestive flora. 

Why use Care PULSE ?

Care PULSE is a powder based on natural plant extracts with prebiotic effects, i.e. allowing the stimulation of the favourable digestive flora (such as lactobacilli, bifidus etc). Care PULSE achieves 2 objectives: 

– stabilisation of the digestive flora during critical periods (farrowing, weaning, starting up young animals) 

– improvement of animal performance 

Care PULSE benefits :

Stabilises the digestive microbiota

Enhanced overall action

Improves growth performance

Can be used in organic farming

How to use Care PULSE ?

Care PULSE is distributed before farrowing to have an orientation effect on the sow’s microbiota: 30g / sow per day 10 days before farrowing and 3 days after. Care PULSE is packaged in 25kg bags. 

Care PULSE improves feed utilisation and performance: 1 kg per tonne of feed for sows, post-weaning and fattening. For poultry: 1 kg/T in starter, grower and finisher feed. Car PULSE is packaged in 25 kg bags. 

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