Natural plant extracts

for the vitality of your livestock .

CAREPHYT offers nutritional supplements to pig and poultry breeders… To effectively prevent problems in breeding, CAREPHYT’s natural solutions make the most of the benefits of natural plant extracts. 

Some plants have indeed beneficial properties for our animals and are a way to progress in breeding. However, their use must be in compliance with regulations and in complete safety for animals and consumers. At CAREPHYT, our plant extracts are controlled and our products are standardised to ensure consistency in their effects. We are also certified according to the international FamiQS standard for your greater safety. 



CAREPHYT is located in Beaucouzé, Maine-et-Loire, in the heart of an aromatic and medicinal plant production basin. With his expertise in nutrition and animal health, Eric BELZ created CAREPHYT in 2015. Today, he is in charge of R&D and the management of the company. Justine LIGONNIERE, an Engineer by training, is responsible for customer relations. 

This team works every day to provide practical, effective and natural solutions to breeders in line with the expectations of the end consumer: to improve the well-being of the animals, to improve the quality of the meat and to help reduce the use of antibiotics. 


An offer to be as close as possible to actors


Close to you, breeders, we are well aware of your needs during critical periods for your animals: sows farrowing, piglets weaning, chicks start-up, etc. Because the best solution in the long term is always prevention, the solutions must be effective. CAREPHYT natural solutions, based on natural plant extracts, will help you to produce quality animals, according to your breeding objectives, without antibiotics, Organic Agriculture, ... but above all for the satisfaction of producing more naturally.


You know the needs of your breeding customers, efficient products, and you wish to accompany them in their search for natural solutions, in order to produce with less antibiotics, according to a specification, in Organic Agriculture, or other. Our natural CAREPHYT solutions, based on natural plant extracts, meet their expectations and will bring you satisfaction.


Thanks to your availability to your breeders, and thanks to your competence, you have earned and acquired their trust. You wish to accompany them or guide them towards alternative prevention methods. Our CAREPHYT natural solutions are the result of our experience with breeders, our proximity to the field of aromatic and medicinal plants and our knowledge of animal physiology. They will support your advice in breeding and will bring you satisfaction.

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