Care TONIC is the latest innovation from CAREPHYT. This product is designed to provide oral iron powder for piglets in accordance with the specifications of organic farming. In addition to preventing piglet anaemia, Care TONIC has been specially formulated to also secure its digestive flora. 

Why use Care TONIC ?

In addition to its high iron content, which is essential for young piglets, Care TONIC also contains numerous natural plant extracts with beneficial properties for young piglets. 

First of all, Care TONIC is particularly palatable thanks to the rigorously selected plants and extracts. Secondly, the beneficial lactic flora is stimulated by certain natural plant extracts with prebiotic effects. Other natural extracts contribute to the control of coccidia. Care TONIC will provide the piglets with the iron they need and will stimulate their digestive flora. 

Care TONIC benefits:

Iron supply for the piglet

Beneficial stimulation of the flora

Complies with organic specifications

Easy to use

How to use Care TONIC ?

Care TONIC is distributed for 15 days from 7 to 21 days of age with half a dosette in the morning and evening in troughs well placed in the maternity pen. At weaning, the piglets are not anaemic, while having a secure digestive flora prepared for weaning.  

Packaged in 10 kg cartons. 

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