Solution naturelle et complément alimentaire aux extraits de plantes pour élevage de volailles


Chickens, ducks, hens and turkeys can experience certain sensitive periods in their lives. Dietary, vaccinal or environmental stress can lead to certain problems, particularly digestive problems. 

Care ACTIV has been specially designed and developed to accompany poultry throughout their lives and to cope with these sensitive periods. 

Why use Care ACTIV ?

Care ACTIV has been formulated with natural plant extracts with antibacterial and antifungal properties and which stimulate the animal’s immunity. 

In the event of digestive problems, these plant extracts will provide optimal intestinal comfort for the animal. 

Then, the immunity will be stimulated in order to limit the fatigue of the affected poultry and thus avoid a drop in growth performance. 

This combination of plant extracts allows targeted action at critical periods during the life of the poultry. 

Care ACTIV benefits :

Can be used in organic farming

Fast and visible action

Helps reducing the use of antibiotics

How to use Care ACTIV ?

2L/1000L of drinking water for 5 days from the beginning of the sensitive period. Packaged in 20L cans. 

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