The CAREPHYT company

CAREPHYT was founded in May 2015 in the middle of one of the main French medicinal plant production areas.
Combining nutrition and health in breeding are the young company’s favourite fields.
To achieve this, CAREPHYT has developed a range of products based on plant extracts to respond to problems in pig, calf, poultry and rabbit farming…


Eric Belz

Veterinarian and nutritionist, Eric Belz has developed his experience in health and nutrition with farmers, mainly in pig production. Passionate about the relationship between this digestive balance and the health of the animal, he himself is at the origin of the creation of the company CAREPHYT in 2015. He is now in charge of research, design and implementation of new products / projects. 

Justine Ligonniere

Justine LIGONNIERE joined the CAREPHYT adventure in September 2017. After a technical experience in pig production and the development of a range of health products for pigs, she is now in charge of the development of the CAREPHYT range as well as the communication.