Plants to improve pigs' respiratory comfort

Relieving coughing in pigs with natural extracts

Good oxygenation of the body and therefore good respiratory efficiency are essential for good feed utilisation. This requires healthy nasal turbinates, a trachea and bronchial tubes free of mucus that restricts airflow and healthy pulmonary alveoli for good gas exchange. 

Respiratory disorders are common, however, with coughing and flanking tiring the pigs. The possible infectious agents are numerous and their consequences are always penalising: growth retardation, CI degradation, heterogeneity, or even more. Vaccine prevention strategies can be prescribed according to the agents involved, on a case-by-case basis. In all cases, their prevention requires rigorous hygiene measures, a well applied biosecurity and of course a good control of the environment and ventilation. 

Despite this, respiratory disorders can occur and affect pigs. Depending on their intensity and the context, treatments may be prescribed. In all cases, these pigs are undergoing an aggression: coughing, flanking, production of tracheobronchial mucus, local irritation, … At a variable level, they undergo a stress which penalizes them. 

In this respiratory context, pigs undergo stress, and to reduce the unfavourable consequences on performance, it is necessary to mitigate it effectively. For this, certain plants with expectorant, cough calming and soothing properties are particularly interesting to add to the feeding. However, it is necessary to choose well-documented plants, select them carefully, know their active ingredients and use them safely. 

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