In livestock production, episodes of respiratory discomfort can result in chronic coughing, loss of appetite and heterogeneity in the group. Of course, biosecurity measures and good ventilation are essential to prevent these discomforts. In some cases, this is not enough. Care AERIAL is specifically designed to alleviate stress reactions, especially during these respiratory episodes. 

Why use Care AERIAL ?

Care AERIAL provides the expectorant, antiseptic and soothing properties of its selected natural plant extracts: 

The expectorant action will help the animal to clear its bronchial tubes and thus regain breathing capacity. The antiseptic properties are sought after to reduce possible superinfections. On the other hand, the soothing properties aim to combat the irritation caused by coughing episodes. 

It is the combination of these 3 actions that will help to relieve the animals during episodes of respiratory discomfort, such as viral passages, temperature changes or poor ventilation in the building… 

Care AERIAL benefits :

Helps to relieve the animals

Indispensable during temperature changes

Reduces respiratory stress

Expectorant action

Can be used in organic farming

How to use Care AERIAL ?

The Care AERIAL food supplement can be added to the animal’s diet, directly with the powder or via the drinking water with the liquid form. The concentrated form is packaged in a 1 litre bottle: 1 ml per 50 kg of body weight. The powder form is supplied in 10 kg boxes: 1 g per 10 kg of live weight. The liquid form is 1 ml per 50 kg of live weight of the animal diluted in drinking water for 5 to 7 days.  

On the other hand, the powder form is recommended to be distributed mixed with the feed. It is recommended to use 1g per 10 kg of body weight. 

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