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Social interactions between farm animals are normal and necessary for their development. However, there are situations where their welfare can be impaired and intervention by the farmer is necessary.  

The environment in which the chicken, turkey, piglet, sow, cow, etc. grows is very important and can be a stress factor. The same applies to the management of the rearing process, which is the responsibility of the breeder. In case of stress, the animal reacts and its behaviour changes (fighting, cannibalism, pecking, etc.). These reactions cause stunted growth, weakened animals and potentially mortality. Care ZEN has been specially designed to prevent these sudden reactions during episodes of stress. 

Why use Care ZEN ?

Care ZEN contains high quantities of lemon balm and magnesium to help calm the animals during stressful periods (grouping, transport, mixing of animals, etc.). This synergy of active ingredients stimulates calming neurons and inhibits excitatory neurons. Thus, the intensity of the nervous message provoked in the event of stress limits the animal’s reactions. The animal then behaves more calmly, while remaining active and without falling asleep! 

Care ZEN benefits :

Calms the animals

Reduces the reaction to stress

Can be used for all stressful periods in the life of animals

Can be used in organic farming

How to use Care ZEN ?

Care ZEN can be incorporated into the animal’s diet, either directly in powder form or via the drinking water in the liquid form: 

– In 5 litre cans: 1 ml per 10 kg of body weight per day for at least 3 days before the onset of symptoms 

– In 10 kg boxes: 1 g per 10 kg body weight per day 

Care ZEN can be used in poultry during pecking episodes at 1 litre per 1000 litres of drinking water just before the symptoms for 3 days. It can also be used on nervous young cattle. Care ZEN is packaged in 5 litre cans and 10 kg boxes. 

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