Throughout its life, the pig may be subjected to various stresses, such as heat stress or an unbalanced feed ration, which can lead to loss of appetite and therefore growth. In any case, good digestion of food requires an efficient liver to produce bile to digest fat. Similarly, the kidneys are essential for the elimination of waste products from food processing. This is why CAREPHYT has developed Care STIM to help pigs to consume and valorise their feed or sows to regain their appetite after farrowing. 

Why use Care STIM ?

Care STIM contains rigorously selected natural plant extracts. Some are known for their stimulation of bile production by the liver in the gall bladder, this is the choleretic effect. Others will promote the flow of bile from the gallbladder to the intestine, this is the cholagogue effect. Other extracts have been chosen for their diuretic properties, i.e. to help the kidneys to eliminate. Finally, the antioxidant properties of certain selected Care STIM extracts are also very useful in animals that value concentrated feed. 

Care STIM benefits :

Favors appetite recovery

Improves digestion

Liver stimulation

How to use Care STIM ?

Care STIM is distributed in doses of 1 g per 10 kg of body weight for 6 to 7 days, i.e. 20 g per sow for 5 days. 

This feed is perfectly suited to periods of high heat and also to organic pig production. Care STIM is packaged in 10 kg boxes. 

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