Succeed in pigelets weaning

Prevention of diarrhoea in post-weaning

A good start in post-weaning gives you the best chance to have a good growth until the end. A successful weaning means a homogeneous batch of piglets, easy to manage, and a good Feed Conversion Ratio. 

And yet! How many piglets have been affected by diarrhoea, most often colibacillary, in the first week, or even at transition, with the consequences of delayed growth, heterogeneity and sometimes mortality and necessary treatments. 

Progress in nutrition (reduction of protein, selection of raw materials, acidification, etc.), improvements in buildings (plastic floors, heating, ventilation, etc.), greater biosecurity, and changes in breeding practices have led to great progress in this delicate post-weaning phase. 

However, this is not enough, as weaning often remains a critical period for which progress is still needed. 

To go further, it is essential to understand everything that a piglet goes through during these few days: separation from its mother, moving and change of premises, end of maternal milk and switch to a vegetable feed, etc. All these stresses have major physiological consequences on its intestinal structure, its digestive flora, its oxidative status, its immunity, … 

Certain plant extracts have particularly beneficial properties during this period, enabling the restoration of this disturbed balance. We are very pleased to see that farmers using them from weaning onwards are reducing their piglet diarrhoea in post-weaning. 

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